In Depth Information on The Comfort of our Chair

With Us, Its a Rotating Love Affair

Kick off your shoes and drop right in to chair paradise. Enjoy reading a good book, listening to music or day dreaming about your favorite vacation destination. Our super large swiveling chairs supports you beautifully while you day dream or read a story with the kids on each side. The Cuddler chair is a versatile furniture piece that will be the favorite of the entire family. Able to swivel 360 degrees our chairs have two sizes choices and three loose back pillow that lets you adjust the "right mix" of pillow support.

We first created these big chairs for those folks, who love to relax in a big chair and it only takes one look to know the cuddler chair is that perfect cross between your bed and your favorite place to hang out in the house. Over the years we have heard from customers how the chair was used for kids story time with everyone piled on and how it was the favorite destination in the room. Family movie night is a close second for many of our customers too. For those of us who love our pets like our very own children the snuggler chair has been properly appointed to be "Best Pet Chair" in the land. It is versatile, comfortable and a favorite destination.

New Fabrics: Originally made from super soft fabrics, named champion that snuggle your skin and soothe your senses. This year we upped the ante with a greater selection of soft fabrics. Added to great fabrics selection we have over sized large back pillows and a super thick seat that is a dream to sit in. Believe us, you'll notice all the smiles and noticeable sighs of Ohhs from your friends and family when they first sit in the Cuddler Chair, and lets not forget you new favorite place to hang out while you relax. You'll be sighing and smiling your own oohs and aahs.

New Features: This year we added new features in creating your own chair Online. Now you, can create your ultra-comfortable swivel chair in your style and size. Our Online designer lets you see the fabric styles melded to together in a virtual color smorgasboard simulation. With over 100 fabrics, the combinations almost seem endless.

Questions? We love questions and you can reach us by chat, phone or email. We would love to hear from you and answer all your questions.

  • See Our Three Categories Below

Coordinating Pillows

If you love to coordinate clothes, fabrics or colors then we know just how you feel and we have the fabrics choices you'll love. In this option you will have over 100 plus fabric combinations to work with. Our Online designer will let you swap out pillow and body fabrics on your chair until it looks perfect for your room.

All Over one color Fabric

Our "Best Seller" is the all over fabric Cuddler Chair, and with so many fabric choices you can make a statement in your home with the perfect fabric color for your room. Black to white fabrics and so many textures and colors hues in between. See all of our beautiful fabrics here add pick your favorites.

All Over Pillow Fabric

People and our chair and have great personalities. Have you ever noticed how some people look great in colorful clothes? If your chair is begging and pleading for colorful clothes, be benevolent and give your chair and early Christmas present and spice it up with our colorful pillow fabrics. You'll pay a little more but hey your a stand out of the crowd chair owner!